You managed to find the groundhogcow web sight. I make things and when I do I post lnks here. Enjoy.

2014/08/27: Here is a new song.

2014/08/15: Here is an image The great Luke Ski did for me as part of Carrie Dahlby kickstarter.

2014/06/21: I made this video from my commisioned song and premeried it at Fump Fest and won second place in there video contest.

2014/05/24: Here is a song I did.

2014/05/20: Here is a song I commisioned from Nuclear Bubble Wrap

2014/01/12: I made this because I was going a little crazy.

This is one of a set of banners I made for ebolter inn. It's the only one I can still find.